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We help healthcare providers transition to the new reality of value-based payments by scaling their preventive and chronic condition care

Lifestyle Health Record

Imagine a platform that engages patients and streamlines care management workflow for clinicians at the same time. That's what we did when we designed the Lifestyle Health Record.

Our platform integrates naturally within your care model to reach a broader patient population. We act as an extension of your existing team to amplify their effect.

Patient Engagement

Combining a personalized, Digital Care Plan and real-time feedback from patient responses and biometric data, our platform knows when a patient needs a kind word or encouragement, a gentle nudge, or a visit with their care team.

Our automated engagement engine – Lifestyle Health Assist – delivers the right message or reminder at just the right time.

Patient engagement and support for self-care has never been better – relevant, private, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

Achieve More

Healthcare systems are facing enormous challenges with the seismic shift from fee-for-service payments to value-based payments. Medicare is leading the way with new reimbursements for preventive and chronic condition care. Additionally, the fee-for-service reimbursements are being squeezed and new incentives/penalties for care outcomes has been announced.

Our platform drives high-touch automated patient interactions so your care managers can focus on relevant human touch and critical decision making.

Embrace the future. Begin today!

The cloud-based Lifestyle Health Record scales seamlessly to support more patients as digital health adoption increases. This also means a rapid rollout, so you can participate in the digital health revolution immediately.

Our flexible integration engine supports connectivity to a growing list of the latest biosensors and health apps. This means you’ll be ready to support the latest digital health products. All through a single platform.

Your patients, Your care, Your brand, Everywhere

Connect with your patients wherever they go with our white-labeled Lifestyle Health Record web and mobile apps.

Link our platform into your patient portal to offer your patients a seamless digital experience.

Drive patient engagement and self-care, and strengthen ties to your brand.